Revington Associates

Revington Associates designs and runs training and leadership development programmes, and offers independent management consultancy.


Training and leadership development may be for individuals, a team, a department or a whole organisation.  Skills developed might include problem-solving, influencing, motivating staff, leading change, self-awareness, understanding and working with individual differences, presenting with impact, effective team-working, working more effectively under pressure; and more.

What distinguishes our approach?  First we seek to be very clear on the performance aspiration.  What is that staff need to be able to accomplish?  From this understanding we identify the specific capabilities and insights that the training programme needs to develop.  Instructional methods and programme design flow from this, typically with a mixture of engaging in-person instruction, practical exercises, facilitated peer discussion and follow-up assignments in which the skills and insights are applied in practice, with experiences and learning reviewed at the next in-person session.

In addition, our engagements may have a parallel stream through which the client brings the training in-house.  In this case we will transfer all learning materials and provide support for staff to run the programme themselves.


Independent Management Consultancy is on strategy and organisational development topics.

Founder Tom Revington works primarily in the healthcare, education and professional services sectors.  He has designed and run programmes at public, private and social sector organisations.  He teaches leadership skills at Oxford University and is a Senior Adviser to McKinsey, where he was previously a consultant and associate partner. More about Tom Revington.



Our associates are coaches and leadership development professionals offering coaching and training in specific skills, from leadership transition and merger management to team-working and problem-solving.